Regulation of Internet Content and Copyright

  1. What kinds of materials (if any) should be blocked, and what kinds of materials should be allowed to remain? How can the government maintain an objective perspective that is compatible with the freedom of expression?
  2. Should Internet Service Providers (ISPs) be responsible for the content they carry unknowingly? Should ISPs be responsible for regulating and monitoring the content they carry?
  3. What kind of legal and technical support do law enforcement agencies require to adequately pursue high-tech criminal activity?
  4. What specific reporting and detection mechanisms are the best for monitoring material on the Internet?
  5. What aspects of the new digital economy does the current copyright law fail to address appropriately? How can these be corrected?
  6. Which is the best international forum through which to develop a system for copyright and intellectual property rights?
  7. To what extent should copyright protect producers of creative work? How can this right be reconciled with the consumer’s right to works for which they have paid a fair price?
  8. What reforms are necessary to release from copyright protection works which are no longer available legally or whose authors cannot be identified?
  9. Should individuals who have paid the copyright holder a fair price for the material have reasonable latitude in terms of private use? What kinds of uses and reproductions should be allowed?
  10. Are there any other topics we need to consider?

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