We still want to know what you think

Although the policy outlined in this website has now been adopted by the party, we are keen to get input and advice from members, supporters and other interested parties to ensure that it remains up to date and relevant. The Liberal Democrats believe strongly in consulting and campaigning with the communities that we are part of. In this particular case we are interested in hearing from the internet community with policy ideas and reaction to the ideas put forward in our policy paper. There are two primary opportunities for feedback:

  1. Joining the discussion in our email group
  2. Direct comments on the policy paper

You do not need to be a party member to participate in any part of the process.

If you wish, you can download the consultation paper in Adobe PDF format or access this site via your PDA using Avantgo.com. It is also designed to be easily accessible on talking browsers and can even be viewed on some modern mobile phones.

I look forward to hearing your views.

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